Saturday, March 7, 2009

Doom Bunker

I had never heard of this jerk before.Which, I suppose, puts me in the category of some woefully uninformed person. But this guy Beck is, after all, a Fox News person, and before that a CNN bubblehead. So how was I supposed to know who he was?

Never mind. It's not necessarily important that we knew who he was then. We know him now and . . . surprise! Like many another conservative millionaire, he's loony. (Maybe his migration from barely-high-school graduate to alcoholic Catholic to Mormon has something to do with it. Sounds like a good way to get whiplash of the brain to me.) I've bemoaned the distressing fact that way too many wingnuts like this are afforded a public platform to reach millions with their pronouncements on what's wrong with the world (government and the existence of liberals) and how to fix it (eliminate both). Well, unless you saw this stuff, you cannot imagine how crazy these people are.* Check out this video of Beck's program of Friday, February 27. (The accompanying Crooks & Liars commentary isn't bad either.) The "War Room." Scenarios of the disasters that will befall the country as a result of a Democratic administration. This is so damn scary and creepy. These people are for real, and they number in the millions. And you watch and tell me if it doesn't sound like wishful thinking by these guys.

Well, check out what Stephen Colbert does with this in the video above. The best thing to do with idiots and their ideas is to mock them. And that's what he does, thoroughly. Like the Jon Stewart piece the same week, it's brilliant satire, and it plainly exposes the fear-mongering for what it is: crazed hallucinations.

*I'm assuming that you aren't familiar with this tripe because you just don't waste your time watching it. But millions of people do, and they believe every word of it. Encouraging, no?
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