Thursday, March 12, 2009

Broken Record

I know I'm a broken record on this, but it is amazing, fantastic, criminal how much money we waste on so-called "national defense." The intelligence operation alone costs us up to $66 billion every year. Nobody can really be sure. Just let that figure roll around in your head for a minute. You think the CIA is this expensive? Oh, no. The CIA accounts for only about $10 billion. The rest goes to the Pentagon. And like almost everything Pentagon, there's no way in hell they can tell you what they actually spent all this money on. These are the guys who lose, that is, misplace, can't find, billions of dollars remember.

The only politician I've found with the guts to speak out against the annual Pentagon rape is Barney Franks, and what he proposes--a 25 percent cut--is an excellent start. But that ain't gonna happen, despite the fact that almost half of the American people think the Pentagon gets too much money. All our Republican friends (and the miserable blue dog Democrats) who are rending their garments and beating their breasts about the awful government spending . . . well, you don't hear one peep out them about the horrendous waste the military visits upon we paying sheep every year, year after year.

Does anyone else savor the irony of the Obama administration's boast that they only increased the Pentagon budget by 4 percent this year?
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