Monday, October 20, 2008

Poring over the Entrails

I have the good fortune to be in regular contact with at least one of my few regular readers. I like to flatter myself that perhaps a half dozen people a day check into "What Powderfinger Said" to see what Powderfinger has to say that day. But who knows? It may be only my relatives. I fear I may have lost some of these readers, maybe even relatives, because of what I'm about to consider. (I'm also aware that I screwed up rather badly by not advising this tiny cadre of readers that I would be out of town for several days in the past 10. I know myself that the disappearance of a blogger for any amount of time can get him off my list of regulars quickly. That will not happen again.)

The regular reader I mentioned, and whose judgment I trust, observes that my blog tone seems to exhibit a rather consistent undercurrent of anger. Unfortunately, upon consideration, I tend to agree. The question is whether this is really reflective of who I am, and whether this is what I want to be putting out there in the ether all the time. And the answer to both is a resounding no.

If this were my entire legacy, this blog, I mean, who would ever realize that there was a lot more to me than an undercurrent of anger? That I have many other interests other than politics, which I seem to obsess on when I sit down to blog? That I don't really chose to be stereotyped as a smoldering liberal all the time? That I actually have a broad sense of humor, that I can be "quite charming," according to my spouse who, though not an unbiased observer is one with acute judgment about people?

With all this in mind, I've decided to effect a small, but I hope positive, change in the blog by broadening its scope. This is actually something I intimated the blog would be when I first started seven months ago, but as it turned out, I wrote about politics most of the time. This was never intended to be the only subject here. And it will not be the sole focus anymore. This certainly doesn't mean I won't be considering that subject regularly. But not exclusively. Look for a lighter tone and a broader array of topics from Powderfinger. I hope you'll find this congenial. If not, please let me know.
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