Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Hungry Shall Always Be with Us . . .

"Hunger and malnutrition are the underlying cause of more than half of all child deaths, killing nearly 6 million children each year."

—Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

. . . Which means we will always have somebody to help, somebody who is far worse off than we are. With the world headed down into what appears to be a great trough of recession--I really think the old word depression works better, but the language police have seemingly banished it from usage--there's going to be even more millions who go hungry. Here's a place you can go right now to learn about how you can help these people. In a couple of cases, it costs you nothing at all to provide some food for starving people. Some of the sites have a plethora of information about this issue also. While we're on the subject, "88 Ways to DO Something about Poverty" will also repay any time you spend there. You're bound to find one or two worthwhile, one or two you can do.

I raised three children. I cannot imagine the anguish of not having enough food to feed them, the pain of having them grow up malnourished. Next time you throw away food--check this site out for suggestions on ways not to waste food--think how many dads and mom deal with this anguish every day.
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