Monday, October 6, 2008

Get Smart

Every once in a while I stumble across something so good it deserves to be inserted here in toto. The following is one of those pieces. I found it here. I have heard only part of the episode on the current situation; my daughter recommends it highly. I can personally tell you that the "The Giant Pool of Money" referenced below is excellent.

A good, simple primer on the economic crisis--no reading required!
WBEZ Chicago's "This American Life" radio program has done an excellent episode on the current economic situation, what caused it, who's responsible, how it affects people outside of Wall Street, whether the bailout is a good idea, and the last minute provisions added to the now-legislation bailout that might end up actually solving the problem.

Listen at or subscribe to the weekly podcast.

Please don't miss this, and please pass it along to friends and family who need someone to just sit them down and clearly explain what the hell is going on in our economy.

(Also recommended is their program about the mortgage crisis from back in May--informative, clear, and so so prescient--called "The Giant Pool of Money".)

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