Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Break Out the Ice Pack

Tonight there's another so-called presidential debate. Thank God it's the last one. I will watch, of course--I can't help myself--and grind my teeth at the uselessness of it. If these guys do not focus on the economy with everything going down the toilet, what's the point?

But I have no faith that we're likely to hear anything but the same echoing line of crap that I've been hearing from both sides for weeks. McCain will refuse to address the issues, and I suspect we might sense the desperateness of his campaign in the attacks he's bound to make. Obama will remain icily cool, but he won't say anything new.

I confess I have no clue what should be done about this economic debacle, and it bothers me that there's nothing like a consensus that I can see in everything I'm reading. Fact is, our current situation is not like 1929. It's like 2008, i.e., we've not been here before, and the economists and political leaders are going to have to devise something for to fix this unique problem. Why does this make me extremely nervous?

Ice pack, please!
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