Friday, August 17, 2012

The Greatest Nation on Earth, Episode #458

Ever heard of a "Sharpie Party"? No, neither have I. But that's what you get for pushing 69 years of age. You simply fall out of what's going on these days. But apparently the kids, teens, know all about them. They are happening all over the country, fueled by so-called social media. (There's a good case to be made that social media itself has become a blight on the nation, but that's another post.) What we're talking about here is organized mass property destruction, just for the hell of it. Invited on Twitter and Facebook, et al., kids go to foreclosed houses and armed with sharpies proceed to trash the walls with graffiti. Naturally, this level of destruction is too tame for some revelers, so they escalate to flooding bathrooms, bashing holes in the walls, breaking glass, and generally wreaking mayhem on the place. Nice, huh? Read all about it here.

This is appalling behavior on several levels, not the least of which is what kind of parents do these kids have? What kind of values are these kids internalizing? I know I sound like a clucking old grandpa, but I can't help it. Everywhere I turn these days, it seems I'm presented with another reason not to be proud of this country.
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