Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rocking in the Book World

English: Neil Young in concert in Oslo, Norway...
English: Neil Young in concert in Oslo, Norway in 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I read in the USA Today that my man Neil Young is going to be coming out with a memoir entitled Waging Heavy Peace. I've never been a big consumer of rock 'n roll literature – at least not the book variety – but I think this is one book I'm probably going to have to get. This tome, after all, is about my man, a guy have been following since the beginning of his career back in the 1960s when he was with Buffalo Springfield, even before he went out solo.

As you can see, Neil is looking a little ragged these days; of course it's nothing but getting old. That process isn't very kind to any of us, but it doesn't – at least shouldn't –affect our integrity, something that Neil Young has kept throughout his entire career. The man is simply not cared about what the critics thought about what anybody thought really when it came to his musical choices in the various experimental paths he's gone down over the years. I'll be interested in what he has to say.

I'll be similarly interested in what Pete Townsend of The Who has to say in his new book. It's called Who I Am and is supposed to be released a few days after Neil's book on October 8. 

It's kind of interesting what the younger people's take on this is:
"There's a growing sense of the mortality of these people, not to mention the mortality of the readers," says Anthony DeCurtisRolling Stone contributing editor. "As they get into their 60s, they think, 'If I don't do it now, I'm not going to do it.' Readers feel a sense of urgency, too. This might be the last time they hear from this person directly." 
Geez, I hope that's not the case.
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