Saturday, August 11, 2012

GOP Intent on Suicide

Mittens announced his running mate today. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. Here is a guy who wants to solve the country's debt problems in the worst way. And he's got a plan. Yessir, he does. It has been revealed to us already. Basically, it's screw the poor and the elderly: reduce Medicaid and put Medicare on vouchers . . . oh, and cut Social Security, too. Along with government regulations on business. All reports say the Democrats are delighted that Romney selected a Tea Party darling to run with him.

Although the partisan writing for FireDogLake may exaggerate a bit, here's what could be fairly expected from Paul Ryan if he had his way:
  • No more Medicare.
    No more Medicaid.
    Privatized (vampire-squid-administered) Social Security.
    No more Unemployment Compensation, parasites.
  • No more Mars Curiosity Rover program.
    No more space exploration.
    No more public television.
    No more public radio, or National Endowment for the Arts or Humanities.
  • No more public health funding.
    No more volcano monitoring.
    No more tsunami warning network.
  • No more Weather Service, converted to a privatized, for-pay system.
    No more Planned Parenthood.
    No more Environmental Protection Agency.

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