Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Big Pile of Dirt

Here's a little poem I wrote a few days ago. About Oklahoma . . . and other things.

A Big Pile of Dirt

It used to sit right next to I-35
just north of Norman,
a big pile of orange-red dirt
all grown over with grass
except for a big chunk of it
that looked like some guy
as big as Paul Bunyan had just kicked
the hell out of it.

Actually, it was a guy with a bomb.
Old Okies knew and new ones found out
the pile was a remnant of WWII, part of
a target range for hotshot Navy pilots
flying cool Corsairs and Hellcats,
practicing for shooting up the Pacific.

It took years for that pile of dirt
to disappear, for that reminder
of old hatreds and threats to the American
way to give way to sturdier
brick and mortar monuments
to the blessings of American liberty:
a Target Super Store
with a big pile of flattened cardboard
shipping containers out back.
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