Saturday, December 17, 2011

Help Me, Will Ya? Like Hell! Bang Bang

. . . and you're dead. Here is the entry in Friday's USA Today for the news from Texas in the "Across the USA" section of the paper:
Arlington -- Arlington police spokeswoman Tiara Ellis Richard says a man who was fatally shot as he walked toward an SUV after a deadly wreck appears to have been a good Samaritan. The SUV driver, Thomas Lester Harper, is accused of causing the wreck that killed one motorist and also of shooting the man who approached to help. Harper is jailed on murder and intoxication manslaughter charges, plus two counts of child abandonment and endangerment, because his twin toddlers where with him in the SUV.
 There's a fuller story with lots of pictures here. (There's a TV news video at the bottom of this story.) Luckily the two toddlers, a little boy and girl, were only slightly injured. But the accident involved eight vehicles and the driver of one of them, a pickup that Harper rammed, was killed. The erstwhile good Samaritan was named Clarence Robinson. He was 19 years old.

Am I the only person who thinks about our idiotic gun policy in this country after something like this happens. Why did this maniac have a gun?  
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