Friday, December 16, 2011

Another Clap, Clap for the US Military

Right on the heels of my heartfelt disdain for all the phoney celebratory rhetoric as the US military leaves Iraq, I cannot restrain myself from bursting out with another couple of claps for more superb management of our military forces. It's reported today that the Dept of Defense has paid hundreds of millions of our money in late fees to shipping companies for not returning shipping containers on time. Over the past ten years, the Pentagon has pissed away over $720 million because troops have been using the containers for shelter, storage, and building material. This is just fine with the contractors because if the military doesn't get them their boxes back, they have to pay $7,200 on an automatic "rent-to-own" fee for a box worth $3,200.

I worked for 32 in the Department of Defense, and I cannot tell you how common this sort of waste is. The country is reeling from the frauds and crimes of Wall Street, millions of people can't find two nickels to rub together, and the Pentagon goes its merry way pissing away our money by the billions. A trio of senators are demanding that the DoD cease this "wasteful practice," but I wouldn't be holding my breath waiting for the military to stop wasting money.
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