Monday, May 24, 2010

You Should Check These Out

You know, I don't usually recommend web sites for a number of reasons. First, not everybody is a Web surfer; I'm not really either--I could be, if I had no other thing in life to do but sit here and play on the computer. But the Web is a fascinating place and sometimes I find myself just poking around because I've gotten hooked on some particular subject, thread, or site with a bunch of links. To tell you the truth I don't recall exactly what brought me to  7 Unique Sites for Discovering New Music. Not specifically, that is. But I glad I stumbled upon this site because I'm crazy about music and this place opens up a lot of videos of bands I would never here of otherwise. Of course there are all kinds of other ways of finding new music on the web. You could, for example, google "best sites for finding new music" or something like that. I just did, and it was difficult to not start clicking around right there. But . . .

. . . I had to come back to tell you about the other place I spent some time with today. And that was the page showing the winners (and all the nominees) for the 2010 Webby Awards. This is the kind of place that can hook you and keep you hooked for hours because awards are made in 70 categories and there are five nominations in every category. You do the math. Even if there are several categories of no interest whatever--"Best Navigation/Structure" and "Insurance"--you're going to find some that you would be interested in regardless--"Music" and "Blog: Political," for example. And then you're going to find some you did not even know you were interested in: "Guides/Ratings/Reviews" and "Netart."

Knock yourself out.
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