Friday, May 7, 2010

What a Thrill!

Here's a story you're not likely to see unless I tell you about (or you're from NYC and you read the Post). Seems some Brit sniper has set the world record distance for killing somebody. The guy he shot was a mile and a half away. 8,120 feet or 1.54 miles, as the article so precisely puts it. At this distance, the sniper's target(s) (nice antiseptic word, that)--actually he killed two guys--would not even hear the shot or see any muzzle flash. One second you're alive. The next second you're dead, and you don't even realize you're an essential part of a world record. I scanned a bunch of the responses to this story. Not a single one expresses any uneasiness at all. Something must be wrong with me.
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