Thursday, May 6, 2010


My daughter has been using Google Chrome for browsing the Web for some time now. I have resisted. I was more or less married to the Firefox browser because it was eminently customizable. All kinds of bells and whistles that you could hang on it to accomplish various tasks and personalize the tool for your own tastes. But then, about a month ago or six weeks ago, it started slowing up. Whether it was because of something I had added (I experimented removing stuff without too much success) or whether it was something inherent in the browser itself, I know not. What I do know is that it became intolerable to use and I had to make a switch. So I have switched to Chrome--I never for a minute considered Microsoft's Internet Explorer, which I still consider a clunker in the browser wars, and I'm not looking back. I had, of course, seen Chrome when it first came out, but in its initial iteration it lacked essential features that Firefox had: a bookmark bar for fast access to oft-used web sites, for example, and customization tools. Plus extensions, which are graft-on programs for the browser that allow enhanced operations. (I've got one on Chrome that lets me check my Gmail and perform various operations there without leaving the browser, for example.)

Well, it doesn't take Google long to get things figured out. Chrome has all of these things now, and it is much, much faster than any other browser out there. How fast? Well, check this out. And it's pretty cool on top of it:

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