Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Romancing the Stone Brains

Several events connected with the death my friend Jim have occupied much of my time the past few days. Consequently, no blogging and even little attention to the news other than a quick scan of headlines. Thank goodness for Google News that lets me do this. Not that there's much to excite me. I see that Eric Holder has finally been confirmed as Attorney General. Now I ask you . . . why the delay here? Wasn't it just political spite? Obama's nominee for secretary of labor, Hilda Solis, is still not confirmed because the Republicans don't like that she's a friend of labor. Duh. This is a Democratic administration and this is the secretary of labor we're talking about. What do these people expect? a right to work advocate? No, it's just another sign that this whole bipartisanship thing is, to say the least, disappointing, as in are you kidding me? Obama, even as we speak, is nominating yet another Republican for his cabinet. Reaching out again to a bunch of people who have done nothing but kick him in the teeth, as far as I can tell. I wonder how long this kissing of Republican butt is going to continue? These people have ossified brains. They wouldn't have a new idea if it came up and kissed them on the lips.

I know the president said that Washington as usual is not what it's going to take to address the serious, not to say catastrophic, problems confronting us, but I've seen no indication that the Republicans are willing to give an inch. FDR ushered in the New Deal without Republican help; LBJ, the Great Society. Obama would do well, I think, to remember this.
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