Friday, January 30, 2009

We Be Multiracial. See?

So now that we've got a black president, what do we most need to complete our transformation to a nation of total racial equality? Why an African American, Michael Steele, in charge of the Republican party, of course! (Isn't this a bit like installing a blind man as the umpire behind the plate?) As is well known, this is entirely in keeping with the Republican party's highly developed sense of identification with and empathy for America's blacks. That's why people of color voted over 98 percent for Obama in November.

What more can the Republicans do to convince us that they are a pack of hypocrites and fools? Not cast a single vote on the Obama stimulus plan in the House? They've already done that. Continue to recommend Reaganomics as the cure for all our ills. They've already done that too. Economy in the shitter? Cut taxes. Unemployment rampant? Cut taxes. Frozen credit? Cut taxes. Johnny can't read? Cut taxes.

So an African American chairman of the Republican party . . . what exactly is this supposed to mean? If it is supposed to symbolize some new direction in the Republican party, it's a sorry sham, a typical charade. These people have proven time and again, they have no shame.
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