Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tennessee Outrage

To the left is part of a display of would-be public art in, of all places, a neighborhood in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The resident of the duplex where this and a number of other exhibits appear is Ms Chaya Anavi. She maintains that she is working on an art project. The display of her art has--and I'm sure this will surprise you--upset the neighbors. The police have been called. Along with city zoning officials and city inspectors. The city council has been alerted, and a grave councilman named Jack Benson has personally inspected the site. Can we all guess what he thought of it? He found the display "frightening and grotesque," and continued that it could be "very traumatic" for young children who saw "these heads that appear to be buried bodies." Does this sound ominously to you like Chattanooga is going to find some way to make Ms Anavi take down the art? Yes, you are correct. And I quote: "Councilman Benson said the city attorney's office is researching what charges can be brought against Ms. Anavi, including a charge of littering and creating a public nuisance." You can read all about it and the corncob vibrator and find several more pictures here.
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