Friday, April 18, 2014

Why It's Jokelahoma, Reason #3,256

The headline of the story is quite enough to stop you in your tracks: "Oklahoma cities and towns are banned from raising the local minimum wage under a new state law."

Your mind goes "what??" Then you read it again. That's right, boys and girls, the state legislature of this benighted backwater of a place has forbidden any city or town within its borders from raising the pitifully inadequate minimum wage to any other (and probably still likely pitifully inadequate) level. At the same time, "the new law also bars localities from requiring that employees receive a certain number of sick or vacation days, either paid or unpaid."

Say what? I don't care what they call this--our bubble-brained governor says the law is being passed to save Oklahoma jobs so they won't move elsewhere if places in the state require inching employers towards treating their workers with humanity--this is nothing short of small-minded cruelty. And it's typical of the kind of thinking that dominates here. 
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