Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ever Heard of Cliven Bundy?

I hadn't either, until he became nationwide news for defying the federal government over grazing fees on federal land in Nevada. This story will give you the facts. I can give them to you briefly, and I don't pretend to be anything but disdainful of Bundy and the fools that gathered around him. Bundy is a rich cattle rancher, who has been grazing his substantial herds of cattle on federal lands for years without paying the required grazing fees. Twenty years of this adds up to over a million bucks. But Bundy refused to pay. He actually said he did not recognize the "United States government." That he was obeying the laws of his state.

Well, there was a set-to of sorts. The feds seized Bundy's cows, thereby stirring up a confrontation between federal agents and Bundy with a gaggle of his Tea Party-type relatives and friends, some of them armed, and after some spiffy 5 o'clock news footage of shouting and sign-waving outraged citizens packing their heat and slinging their long guns, the feds retreated and later restored the cows too.

Jon Stewart carried out an elaborate mock of this idiot that you should watch. Give a look:

I'm interested in what this says about us as a country. Does it really depend on who's breaking the law to determine whether the law is enforced? Seems so. The feds say they feared for the safety of Bundy and his gang of right-wing nut cases. That's why they left. But that wasn't the case with the David Koresch Bible cult in Waco, was it? And do you think for a second, a millisecond, the feds would have retreated before anti-war protesters, occupy Wall Street types, or pro-environment activists?
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