Tuesday, April 15, 2014


The Pulitzers were announced yesterday. And both the Washington Post and The Guardian newspapers won the award for public service. Although I've not actually encountered any yet, I am positive there are screeches of anguish arising from the right about honoring newspapers who dared reveal CIA secrets passed on to them by that "traitor" Edward Snowden. God, what is wrong with people? The government is going through everything we say, sign, keep, look at, read, and keeping this information all to their spooky selves . . . and it wasn't a public service to expose this to the light? Are you kidding? Snowden is looking at 30 years in prison--no way in hell he'll ever be found innocent--if he ever sets foot back in his country again. That's the price you pay for speaking out. Public service ain't free.

But those papers deserved the Pulitzer . . . and Snowden oughta be getting some kind of medal too.
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