Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Guess What?

You guessed it: here on the day before the shit irretrievably hit the fan on the extension of the country's debt limit so the United States of America would default on its monetary obligations, the clownocracy in  Washington struck a deal. Basically, it's like the several "deals" before this one. It basically kicks a solution to the impasse a few months ahead. The government is going to reopen for business until some time in January. The debt limit decision has until early February before it rises to bedevil the country yet again.

The Tea Party idiots in the Republican party are responsible for this latest travesty, and I dearly hope that the Democrats just kick the hell out of these people in the fall elections next year. Not that I have much hope left in the Democratic party or the democratic process, for that matter, but the people of this country need to send a message to these imbeciles on the far right that they do not speak for the "people of this country," as they are continually proclaiming that they do. Why doesn't somebody call Boehner a liar and McConnell a liar and Ted Cruz a liar when they claim to be speaking for the "American people"? They aren't. They never were.

It's a sadly flawed system that allows things like this to happen . . . and happen again if these servants of the people decide to play this game again. I frankly see no reason they would not.
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