Saturday, October 19, 2013

Going Extinct

Don't ask me how I run across these things, but most of you know I'm a sucker for lists. You might be expecting  a long list of animal and plant species that we're going to kill with chemicals, pollution, global warming, etc. And certainly I could give you one of those. But today I'm going to give you a list I just stumbled across a moment or two ago. These according to are the jobs that are int the state of evolving, or they've already pretty much died. No surprises. 
  1. Librarian: already evolved into the digital world
  2. Professional typists: duh! These people have to become masters of software to survive.
  3. Video store clerk: This list is beginning to look like a joke. If I've led you into a joke, please be kind.
  4. Umpires and referees: both evolving to cope with instant replay and slooooooow mo.
  5. Iceman: Extinct. I wonder how many readers actually know what one is. Ice sculpting still survives.
  6.  Travel agents: Evolving into niches.
  7. Newspaper deliverer: I did this from my bike as a kid. It was a terrible job. Now the motorized divisions of deliverers are going the way of the dodo. People don't read newspapers anymore.
  8. Family farmer: Evolving, but it takes a lotta land and a lotta business savvy.
  9. Switchboard operator: remember those? Lucky to a get a human voice at all in one try these days.
  10. Supermarket cashier: These are evolving into something more like monitors.
  11. Postal worker: Automated and reliance now on packages. e-commerce has murdered first-class mail.
  12. On-the-air DJ: Evolving. The airwaves are being replaced by "web waves" and satellite signals.
In the next couple of decades, I'd add taxi-drivers, railway engineers, and pilots to the list. Transport is going robotic.
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