Thursday, June 20, 2013

Speaking of Dying

I read that there's been another example of "guns don't kill people, people kill people." It's not surprising to me that the incident takes place in Tennessee, a state renowned for its progressive views on just about any subject as long as it's barbeque or the UT Vols. Here's the scenario: a married couple, she's 26 and he's 40, are struggling over a loaded handgun--won wonders if the winner of the struggle got to shoot the other one?--with their six-month old baby at their feet. You know the rest. The gun went off and killed the baby. Both of the parents are in jail under a $1million bond apiece, and charged with reckless homicide. We also learn that both of these sterling citizens have extensive criminal records.

I cannot help but wonder what can possibly be going through these people's minds? Do they even have a mind in the commonly understood sense of the term?

But of one thing we can be sure, and we do know the answer: everyday tragedies like this won't have the slightest effect on our insane gun laws that make crimes like this inevitable every single day.

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