Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Accent, Great! Sentiments, Better!

I do wish I could embed this video. I've tried for a little while to size it properly to play in the blog and I cannot do it. Therefore I'm forced to post just the link, which adds a layer of inconvenience to your getting to see this. Her name is Clare Daly and she's a member of the Irish Parliament, and she's got some trenchant words for our commander-in-chief. The kind of thing you're not going to ever hear on the floors of the Congress.

Before I forget, here's the link. (Whaddya know? As I was putting this up, I figured out how to embed the video. So how's that for convenience?)

She's upset about the hypocrisy of the American president on several scores, most of them having to do with his ever pious protestations about peace. I cannot say that I'm not similarly disgusted.
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