Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Gods of Olympus Taste a Little Bit of Earth

So there they were all arrayed in their tin soldier finest regalia. Beribboned like Christmas presents, or rather I should say, like M&M and Ju Jubes graffiti, stapled to their manly chests, their dutiful, worshipful minions arrayed behind them in the first row at the Senate armed services committee hearing on sexual assault in the military. The committee in general was not buying the united front from the service bosses that they were going to make this issue priority one, etc., etc. What a treat to see women senators McCaskell of Missouri and Gillibrand of New York give these guys the ass-chewing they so richly deserve. (I could not help but think how our "heroes" in uniform will privately vilify in the vilest way possible these two women. I remember real well what they had to say--and probably still do--about Hillary.) All you have to do is imagine them in the same shoes as the service women who have the courage to report sexual assault and what happens to them. We know what happens. They get persecuted by the chain of command and other members of their unit. I suppose the prevailing ethos is that if you get raped, just "suck it up." Only it will be worse for the ladies of the Senate who have the temerity to dress down the uniformed gods of Olympus and who are attempting to get commanders out of the business of shielding sexual predators in the ranks.

And how I hope they succeed. I'm not really expecting that they will, though. The military is going to get its way, it always does.
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