Friday, April 19, 2013

Things Happen Ridiculously Fast

In my first glance at the news today, to my astonishment, the suspected terrorists in the Boston Marathon explosions have been identified as two brothers recently here from Chechnya. Pictures of them went out worldwide yesterday. And today already one of has been killed by police and the other is on the loose still but there's a gargantuan manhunt in progress. A cop's been killed, a security guard at M.I.T. who apparently was just sitting in his cruiser. This second guy doesn't have a chance of getting away. I hope they take him alive, but my guess is they won't. It would be helpful to find out what the motive for the bombing was. Both these guys in their mid-20s.

Update I: Turns out these guys were not recently from Chechnya, but have been living in this country for a number of years. They caught the second guy, alive. He's all shot up from the first encounter with the cops when his brother was killed. I cannot believe that the city of Boston was literally shut down for the entire day. Somebody told me it cost them over $600 million to do that. Wonder if it's worth it?
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