Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Still Here

Last day of the month. Good day to turn over a new leaf. (Thank you, Paul--you know who you are.) Lest you think I've come down with some crippling illness or left the country or something other that's drastic, be at ease. I've just been unbelievably slothful about writing and can offer no viable excuse. But each day the little voice in my head--perphaps that imaginary crazy person up there--keeps telling me that I'm neglecting my duty. This is a damn curse actually, and I think I got it from my father who was duty, duty, duty about everything. Not that being dutiful isn't a good thing, maybe even a virtue, but is it really necessary to apply the concept to things you do voluntarily, such as blog or read? Alas, I do. So buck up, my little small gaggle of regular readers, if you're still here. I'm back on the job, and I'll be regaling you with my idiosyncratic takes on this folly we call living in the dying empire.

In the meantime, here's a video by a band I've just recently discovered. Enjoy.

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