Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's All Just Too Much

Tonight on the PBS Newshour, the lead story was about the president's intention to impose a three-year freeze on spending for 17 percent of the federal budget. Well, OK . . . but how much of that is coming out of the Pentagon? Guess. Not one frigging red cent!! Defense spending is not part of this drill. Nor social security or medicare. Am I the only one in this country who thinks that everybody up there in Washington is insane? I'll tell you what: this makes me crazy. Everybody but defense contractors and the most bloated department of government are going to feel the pain, and it will be painful. Mark my words, the federal work force is going to suffer, too. On two fronts: not enough resources to do their jobs, plus no or low raises are on the horizon, too.

And what makes me even crazier is the sight of these effing Republicans spouting bullshit every time they open their mouths. Put them in front of a camera, and stand out of the way, because nothing but bullshit is coming out of their mouths.  Exhibit A: GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell's pronouncement today that Obama's proposal for spending freeze is "too small." Here is a guy who had a 100 percent perfect voting record supporting every budget-busting billion the vile little fraud in the White House from 2000-2008 wanted. McConnell and all his holier-than-thou compadres continue to excoriate Obama for the unspeakable mess they created. And yet, who in this country remembers that? Who is standing up and calling these guys out for being bald-faced liars? Nobody. Not a soul.

And worse, the country now believes that Obama is the right guy to blame. These two-faced villains are winning elections in bluest Massachusetts! I tell you it makes me crazier than hell. I should probably stop watching the news. This country is going down the tubes whether I watch or not, and maybe I should pay more attention to my blood pressure.

The computer upgrade to Windows 7 went smoothly. I'm going to be engaged for a while in uploading a bunch of programs, and of course the computer will not be its old familiar self for a while yet.
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