Monday, November 30, 2009

There Are Way Too Many

Yes, I'm almost embarrassed to admit it, but I have a Facebook page. I don't go to FB every day, but often. It does allow me to keep up with a broad expanse of people, some of them peripheral, some who it's nice to know about what they're doing, some are related, and some are good friends. At any rate, with all the FB "friends" I have, I get to read a lot of nut cases who write all these other people. I could not restrain myself today. Some guy--it later turns out he's an ex-Marine, which explains a lot--writing to a friend of mine was seriously proposing a taxpayer revolt. Seriously. With guns and stuff. I had to respond, I could not help myself. Here's what I wrote my friend:

Does he wear cami's? Is this guy serious? I'm amazed that smart people don't turn on the real agents of our misfortune: the corporations. The supposedly repressive government whom everyone loves to hate is just their tool. They are the ones who have moved offshore so they don't pay taxes. They are the ones who shape every piece of legislation--including the so-called health care bill and the pending energy law--to their own benefit. They are the ones feeding the Pentagon. And why does the American middle class, the one who are really being gored, not turn on the like one-half of one percent of the population who have shifted the burden of paying for everything onto us and off themselves. It's all insane, my friend. The American people are willing dupes because they've bought into right-wing bullshit ever since that genial idiot Reagan was in the White House.

And Charles, my friend, responded:

Amazing, isn't it? Smart guy too. Well read; no fool, but LOL wacky to the right. Ex Marine. And yes he is serious. Can't figure out all this stand off the government stuff. Earl Long said it for true: "Leander, you can't fight the feds. They have the Bomb!" I poke and prod him but most of the time I figure he does not get the joke and takes it for serious. He loves Reagan but says he hates budget busting expenditures and top heavy federal government, both of which RayGun is guilty of to the max. I never even found him genial; Idiot yes, genial no. Hated him more than I did Nixon. Though not as much as Bush One. I sadly agree with you: we are all controlled by the Great Collective Corporation. So easily manipulated. John's latest rants about not paying taxes and standing off the IRS is way beyond moonshine. Been trying to get him to read Smedly "I was just a hired gun for Wall Street" Butler ( a good marine account that tell why we did foreign policy as we did ) but no go (yet).
 It's really scary. LOL wacky to the right. I'm afraid it ain't funny. There are way too many of these people running around loose.
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