Friday, November 13, 2009

Costly Benchmark Almost Here

For regular readers, all few of you, you may be with Powderfinger when the "Cost of the Iraq War" widget to the left turns over to $700,000,000. It surely cannot be missed that this amount was too huge for a lot of legislators, typically Republican, to swallow when it was what was required for the bailout some months ago. But this monumental amount, and more, mind you, is just fine for war, the most destructive and least constructive activity human beings have ever devised. We're hearing the same whining from the same people about the cost of healthcare reform. I'm continually amazed that we can always afford war, even at the absurd way of paying for it that the former vile little pretender in the White House specified--no taxation to pay for it and, indeed, a monstrous tax cut for the rich--and we can never afford programs designed to help vast numbers of needy people in U.S. society. Oh, by the way, in addition to the $700 billion for Iraq, we've also spent $231.5 billion for the war in Afghanistan. That's almost $1 trillion. But we can afford that, no questions asked.
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