Thursday, October 8, 2009


Outrageous! The Democrats of the judiciary committee of the Senate have approved three odious provisions of the so-called Patriots Act, one of the key tools the Bush administration used to subvert normal protections of civil liberties. From the piece:

The provisions include the "roving wiretap" clause, used to monitor mobile communications of individuals using multiple telephone lines, and the "lone-wolf" provision, which enables spying on individuals suspected of terrorist activity but with no obvious connection to extremist groups. Lawmakers also extended the life of controversial section 215, known as the "library records provision" that allows government agencies to access individual's library history.

And they did this at the request of the White House. I remember reading somewhere long ago that once power is given to someone, it is rarely given back. This has certainly proven true with Obama and his administration. My disillusion with Obama and his administration has reached fairly mammoth proportions at this point. Every time I turn around, it seems, I hear something else that the Democrats are doing that just warms the cockles of Mike McCormick's heart.

This, in tandem, with some Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee's craven refusal to support a public option in the healthcare reform bill that will be voted out next Tuesday is just about the final straw with me and these guys. The Congress of the United States has been bought like a side of beef by the fat cats of business. Doesn't matter which business you're talking about. Lawmakers will prostitute themselves to any one of them that ponies up enough cash.  It's criminal that poor people are going to continue to die at the hands of these miserable politicians and their masters in the insurance industry.
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