Wednesday, September 10, 2008


There are 14 teams in the American League. Here is how Texas team pitching stacks up against the rest of the league:

ERA 5.31 14th
BAA .289 14th
OPS .821 14th
WHIP 1.57 14th
QS 49 14th
R 862 14th
H 1478 14th
HR 161 13th
BB 553 12th
SO 841 13th

If you are not a baseball fan, these numbers which measure the effectiveness of your team's pitching staff are really, really terrible. If you are a fan, you can see how terrible. It's a wonder the team has managed to win 71 games, just three short of .500 with pitching this awful.

So not only do I have to endure the thought of John McCain as president and Ms Moose-Gutter as vice president, but also this. It's unbearable, I tell you. Unbearable.
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