Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Divine Spark Visible

If there's anything to soothe the savage breast and give pause before wholesale damnation of the entire human species, it's the fact that the tribe has produced the likes of Giotto, Beethoven, Wordsworth, Dickinson, Mozart, Van Gogh, and thousands of others. Artists. People who remind us of the divine spark that's lies at the heart of our true nature. Because there's a Beethoven or a Van Gogh is reason enough for me to believe there's more to us than a felicitous combination of chromosomes.

With that in mind, I've installed a reminder of this here on the blog. Right to the left, every time you click onto "What Powderfinger Said," you'll find a magnificent art masterpiece. Click on it for a full and larger rendition. The art work hooks up to the Allpaintings web site, where, if you want you can lose yourself for days in the wondrous world of art. There are over 32,000 images here, and more all the time. The way I figure it, we'll cycle through 32,000 images at one per day in a little over 87 and a half years. I'll be 152 years old at that point, and if I'm still blogging, my guess is there will be at least another 32,000 images that will have been added to the queue by then. We ain't gonna run out of beautiful art any time soon. And this is a good thing considering all the other awful stuff that's happening.
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