Saturday, August 16, 2008

Recurring Nightmare

The latest Gallup poll shows Obama and McCain dead even with the voters. It's like a recurring nightmare. The voters, the vast majority of whom as we know are clueless, respond like sheep to whatever lies the Republicans cook up, the foremost of which, beyond the usual and continuing character assassination, is that Democrats are going to raise taxes. No matter how badly taxes need to be raised, this charge always resonates.

In a short piece yesterday Andrew Sullivan criticizes the slime tactics McCain is using--quite effectively it seems--on Obama. But he also makes the following observation, which is difficult to deny.

Since Obama's hubris in Berlin, he has lost almost every cycle of this campaign, and lost all of them quite badly. I'm not sure his campaign gets how far they have sunk, and how ineffectual and passive Obama has seemed these past few weeks. The total capitulation to the Clintons at the convention is particularly lame.

Obama is not even the official nominee yet, and it already looks like he's cooked.
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