Saturday, August 2, 2008

Obama Wimps Out Again

I cannot believe what I'm reading here. Now Obama is folding on the offshore drilling issue! A manufactured non-issue cooked up by a desperate campaign. What can possibly be in his mind? He's gonna cave to the pea-brains clambering for off-shore drilling who claim that it will lower gas prices in a matter of months? Yes, that's exactly what he's doing. Latest polls are showing about half of the electorate actually believes the nonsense the McCain people have put out on this issue. This is is just an indication of just how stupid half the electorate is, not a real issue. These are some of the same people who believe Obama is a Muslim. And Obama is going to reverse his position for the likes of these people?

He plays right into the hands of McCain and his soulless operatives with this move. It makes him look wishy-washy, which he is apparently, and they will be all over him for that, and at the same time he tacitly admits that McCain's bullshit has been correct all along. It makes him look weak, and worse, it makes him look like just another politician, not anyone special. Aren't they all just blown about by the prevailing breezes? Here I thought Obama could really make a difference, a guy with the courage to speak the truth, to state the hard facts, to be hard-nosed enough to stand up to slander and idiocy, who embraced the progressive position on the issues. Evidently he can't.

Moreover, he's showing himself to be vulnerable to the cheapest kind of nonsense the Republicans can cook up. The McCain campaign is actually gaining ground because its bogus smoke screen tactics are working. I thought Obama was above this. If this is the best Obama can do--an echo of what he said about McCain just a couple of days ago--I've had enough of it. What's happened to the issues in this race? Where did Iraq, health care, tax reform, economy, environment . . . where did they go? Maybe it's a good thing they're not talking about something substantial, or we'd have to witness Obama weasel on those too. This guy needs to stand up and fight back. How can he be such a wimp?

And all of this against the backdrop of the oil companies making the most obscene profits ever. They're beating the drums for more drilling naturally. They've already got us by the balls. And apparently at least half of us, including Barack Obama, are perfectly willing to help them squeeze.
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