Monday, June 30, 2008


I knew it was getting chilly in here. That's because my premonitions of an evil shift to the mushy middle by our presumptive Democratic nominee are being borne out by what Obama has done over the past few weeks. I was willing to tolerate the silence on the 2nd Amendment ruling because it would also help shut the accursed NRA up on the issue. But he didn't stop there: in the past three weeks he has pulled off his former questioning attitude towards NAFTA; he has endorsed the death penalty for rape of a child--in other words, he agreed with the minority of the Supreme Court and embraced the same position as Scalia and Thomas, something that by very definition is wrong; he has wimped out on the wiretap bill, something he ought to be raising hell about. Instead he endorsed the toothless compromise that tickled the vile little fraud in the White House plumb to death. Lately he's been stiffening his stance against Iran, by underscoring his determination to protect Israel from Iran. In effect this dilutes his oft-stated position that negotiation is the way to handle the Iranians.

All of this probably because his handlers have told him that he must do these things to attract the undecided voters. Well, I say to hell with this strategy. Arianna Huffington says it better than I can:

The Obama brand has always been about inspiration, a new kind of politics, the audacity of hope, and "change we can believe in." I like that brand. More importantly, voters -- especially unlikely voters -- like that brand.

Pulling it off the shelf and replacing it with a political product geared to pleasing America's vacillating swing voters -- the ones who will be most susceptible to the fear-mongering avalanche that has already begun -- would be a fatal blunder.

Realpolitik is one thing. Realstupidpolitik is quite another.

I really cannot stand, loathe, break out in hives when I hear it or think it: the idea of a John McCain presidency. Oh Lord, please save us from such a fate. What got Obama to where he is now is being an inspiring politician who has made us believe that he's actually different than the rest of those pandering, cringing assholes in Washington. Lately he's beginning to sound just like them. What we don't need now is another politician who acts like all the rest of them. What we do need is one with a set of serviceable gonads on him.

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