Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Here's a Bit of Good News

The House has sent articles of impeachment on Bush to the judiciary committee. The vote was 261-166 with 16 members not voting. The majority included 24 Republicans, men and women of courage and conscience all, I'm sure. The Judiciary Committee has had articles of impeachment against the vice president Cheney since November without taking action.

The guy who brought the 35 articles of impeachment, my man Dennis Kucinich whom I favored for the Democratic nomination--not that I'm unhappy with Obama--says impeachment is necessary to prevent the vile little pretender in the White House from launching an attack on Iran. There's been all kinds of saber-rattling about that which reminds me of the run-up to this unconscionable war in Iraq. I put nothing past this little twerp and his handlers. They would not hesitate to launch another war. According to our commander-in-chief moron, Iran "is a threat to world peace." How can anyone not think just the opposite: that the US is a threat to world peace.

I cannot imagine what frenzied and furious opposition a bombing of Iran would cause in this country. According to the London Times on Sunday, up to five top US generals and admirals would resign if Bush ordered such a bombing. This is what should have happened in 2003 with Iraq, but I guess the military brass in this country (always among the slowest learners on the planet)
now understands what they're dealing with with Bush.

More good news: after days and nights of working on the new computer, I've almost gotten everything restored. Naturally, it's not the way it was completely, but the trade-off is more than worth it. The loss of some installed programs is no big deal because I didn't use them anyway. Some utilities I will miss, but in a few months, this new one will have everything I want on it. Upside of the late computer crash: faster, much faster; MS Vista OS--the more I see of it, the better I like it. The crash also occasioned my switch to version 3 of the Firefox browser which is also faster and has a host of improvements on the previous version. Best of all is the new way you can handle bookmarks. But it's got all kinds of new stuff that's great.
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