Saturday, June 21, 2008

It Makes Me Crazy!

The Lehrer News Hour presented it as a compromise, and some Republican twit, I forget who, was droning on about "bipartisanship" and "reaching acrosss the aisle." What horseshit! I could not agree more with Marty Kaplan in yesterday's Huffington Post who blasts the lily-livered Democratic pussies in the House for caving in to the vile little fraud in the White House on two measures he's been hawking for several months.

First, the war funding bill for $162 billion that will provide more than enough to carry the war well into 2009. Democrats had attached some potent strings to the thing, i.e., setting a timetable for US withdrawal. Bush wanted this out, and the Democrats obliged by removing it in exchange for some pumped up benefits for veterans. This last thing is fine, but the legislation could have waited. The war bill could not wait. All that was required was a set of genuine Democratic cajones to tell this miserable little man to take his war and shove it. Bush's approval rating is 25 percent. Nancy Pelosi could hike up her skirt and piss on his leg and nobody would care. But no. What she does is posture and pontificate and then sanction this surrender to the dark side.

Which the Democrats also did on the wire tap bill: not only continuing to allow warrantless wire taps on American citizens but letting the phone companies--who gladly kissed Bush's butt and did the tapping just cuz he asked them to and to hell with the law and Constitution that say you need a warrant to do this--off the hook.
"Immunity for telecom giants that secretly assisted in the NSA's warrantless surveillance undermines the rule of law and the privacy of every American," said Electronic Frontier Foundation Senior Staff Attorney Kevin Bankston. "Congress should let the courts do their job instead of helping the administration and the phone companies avoid accountability for a half decade of illegal domestic spying. If this legislation passes the Senate and is signed into law, the American people will have lost their last best chance to discover the true scope of the president's wiretapping program and to determine whether or not the law was broken."
There's no doubt the law was broken. Are you kidding? This is the most lawless administration in US history and even with the president at the lowest approval rating ever and a lame, lame duck at that, the Democratic party cannot bring themselves to tell the little twerp no. Which gives Bush the opportunity to go into the Rose Garden and thank the Democrats for their assistance. Assist Bush with anything??? Hell, no! Let him twist in the wind. I tell you, stuff like this makes me crazy.

By the way, US war deaths in Iraq just went over 4,100.
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