Saturday, May 24, 2008


It struck me earlier today when I was adding yet another URL to my listing just how useful this community here's-a-site-I-thought-interesting-or-useful-enough-to-save tool (actually, I think the the shorter term is "bookmarks") is to me. And who knows how many other people might have benefited from my tagged sites?

I use and a number of other of these community collections of bookmarks for research all the time. Like any good idea on the Net, and I think was the first in this genre, there have been a number of imitators: Digg, Furl, reddit, and StumbleUpon to mention only the most popular alternatives. There's a fairly useful list right here.

Anyway, I got to thinking about what I've accumulated on the site over the 2-3 years I've been adding to it. So in my demented compulsion to dig into totally useless accumulations of data I discovered the following about the listing for "baysage". As of today, there's a total of 1,052 entries and 120 separate tags. It's quite likely that some of these sites have been taken down already. It's also likely that I'll never again go to many more of them. But I use frequently and in the meantime just perusing the list provides an excellent little guide to what I'm interested in, and in many cases the intensity of that interest. Of course only a tiny number of my interests would have just one tag. The whole point of is to cross-reference with the tags so that you can find that site again even if you have only the vaguest of memories, which naturally is a great feature for me. So here are all my tags, bundled under large descriptors and showing how many of my entries have a particular tag, all the way from "reference" with 258 sites to "WWII," "WWI," and "Oklahoma" with only one. Some of these are quirky. The ones labeled "most-popular," for example, are sites that over 1,000 other people also have on their tag list.

Click away. You might find something interesting.
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