Wednesday, April 23, 2008

King David Gets a New Palace

Trading his sumptuously safe digs in Baghdad for simply sumptuous ones at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, our current fair-haired military chieftain in Iraq, General David Patraeus, draped in the laurels of the so-called "success" of his "surge" strategy, has been rewarded for his obeisance to his master, the vile little fraud in the White House, and promoted to command of US Central Command. Why, what a surprise . . . the former CENTCOM commander, Admiral William J. Fallon cut loose (well, not technically--he resigned, but everybody knows he didn't do this because he loved his job and got along great with the boss) because he was insufficiently heedful of the military's prime directive at every level: kiss the ass of the ass on top of you. So now he's being replaced by a guy who has that maxim on his mirror.

Fallon saw Petraeus for exactly what he is--"an ass-kissing little chicken shit"--and he told him so to his face during a meeting in Iraq. I guess the admiral just didn't get it. This is what one has to do with this president and his administration. This is the only kind of guy they want on the team.

Plums go to the ones who play the game; principles are for fools.
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