Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gas Game

My wife thinks I'm nuts, but I don't fill the tank up anymore when I go to my 7-Eleven pump. I'll put $20 or $25 in there and that's all. Somehow gives me the illusion that I'm not really spending the horrendous sums I am for gas. Filling up my Nissan Altima runs me more than $50 a tank. I don't want to see this all going into the tank at once. So I play this little gas game. This is outrageous, but life in the US is a ripoff. The oil companies are just one of the many bloodsuckers out there.

Nonetheless I stumbled across this site on one of my most favorite of all portal pages, Refdesk, a place I simply couldn't do without. Seems that of all the states in the US, Oklahoma is one with the lowest prices on gas statewide. The state with the cheapest gas overall--Missouri, of all places. The California, in almost the whole state, except a county or two near L.A., gas costs more than $3.67 a gallon. My God, when the rest of us are paying $4 a gallon what are those poor souls going to be paying?
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