Friday, October 17, 2014

I'm Getting Inspired

 . . . to write a poem about Ebola. I'll post it here when it's done. Yeah, yeah. A gruesome subject, but life is poetry, and something surely should be made over this killer disease which we're hearing about more and more every day. Tell you the truth, I'm finding it hard to get out of mind, which is a sure sign there's a poem in it. And the news is getting more and more horrific as befits a disease that is simply brutal on its victims. And the numbers they're talking about are really getting scarey. I'm wondering when the rest of the world is going to get serious about what's happening in West Africa. Yes, we are our brothers' keeper, and something terrible is afoot there. We--that is the rest of the world--needs to step up to this crisis, or it will arrive soon at their own door steps.
Logistics: There's a reason that armies spend a lot of time, money and attention on the little details involved in fielding troops – if you don't have solid logistical support, the mission fails. For example, the WHO is estimating that by December there will be at least 10,000 new Ebola victims a week. Never mind how many trained medical personnel, hospital beds, isolation wards and such will be needed, think about what to do with 7,000 corpses a week when there are only 50 safe-burial teams in the region. The CDC says, worst case, there will be 1,370,000 infected by mid January, which means that at current rates there will be about a million dead by mid February.
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