Monday, August 11, 2014

Americans Are Pissed Off

That's what the pollsters are finding out about us. We're mad as hell, but maybe not to the point where we're not going to take it anymore. People aren't yet on the streets with fire and brickbats building barricades against the forces of the state. But don't for a moment kid yourself that something like that is not possible here. This country has undergone two internal revolutions, numerous economic depressions (used to be "panics", now "recessions"), too many to count riots and tumults. We're convulsed in violence, consumed by our hatreds (you name it here: the government, the Right, the Left, the immigrants, Muslims, black people, the media, white people, brown people, religion, gays; the lies, cheating, and stealing that seem to form the essence of life in this country., and our powerlessness before a host of really serious problems, not the least of which is a national government that is itself paralyzed by hatreds.)

The snippet and the article really address primarily the stagnation of our national government. Which except for involving us in the expenditure of trillions of dollars for foreign wars against shadowy "terrorist" enemies seems utterly useless to address the serious problems that are obvious to millions upon millions of ordinary Americans. We've lost our faith, and everybody is casting about for somebody to blame. Politicians bear the brunt of the blame, and not without good reason.
Americans aren't happy about their politicians, the future, the economy, and just about everything else, according to the nation's pollsters, who say there is very little the public still believes in. 
"With an 'everything is terrible' mindset, I'm mostly thinking about how after several years of cantankerous and unproductive lawmaking in Washington, there are very few political figures or institutions who the public trusts anymore," the Washington Post's polling analyst Scott Clement told Politico. 
The latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows President Barack Obama's approval ratings are at a record low. A new Gallup Poll shows confidence in the economy is dropping. And overall, poll ratings for Republicans and Democrats are down, according to a CBS Poll.

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