Monday, May 26, 2014

Yet Another

Another Memorial Day. You readers who've been with me for a while know how I feel about this "holiday." Have you noticed that over the past few years, the "celebration" of Memorial Day has gotten more and more gaudy? There's not a news outlet, including PBS, that doesn't give it full, cloying coverage. Obama seems determined to outdo his last year's rhetoric about heroism, sacrifice, freedom, etc., etc. I can remember when this holiday basically marked the beginning of summer. The VFW and other vets groups would put out some flags and maybe a parade or two, but nothing like the productions of today. It's almost as if the more morally indefensible our wars and our armed intrusions into other people's country's demand a more gaudy remembrance of the lives we've squandered in our endless quest to bring the blessings of American freedom to the rest of the world--whether they want it or not.

Lately Obama is trumpeting how we will have no troops in Afghanistan in a year or two. And I'm reading that he's being criticized for not being assertive enough in foreign policy. You mark my words. We're going to be involved in armed conflict somewhere in the world--Syria? Africa? even Eastern Europe is a possibility--within the next few years. The Empire cannot stand without wars and dead heroes to celebrate.
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