Monday, May 5, 2014

Ya Know . . .

. . . my man James Kuntsler can sure turn a phrase. I wish I had half his gift for invective. Alas, entertaining as the language might be, and it certainly is, we also have to come to grips with the fact that it's all true. This is what's truly unfortunate. Pick your issue--there are plenty enough here--and then think about the fact that they all beset us, not just that awful one you just picked. (Source: here)

Despite its Valley Girl origins, the simple term clueless turns out to be the most accurate descriptor for America’s degenerate zeitgeist. Nobody gets it — the “it” being a rather hefty bundle of issues ranging from our energy bind to the official mismanagement of money, the manipulation of markets, the crimes in banking, the blundering foreign misadventures, the revolving door corruption in governance, the abandonment of the rule-of-law, the ominous wind-down of the Happy Motoring fiasco and the related tragedy of obsolete suburbia, the contemptuous disregard for the futures of young people, the immersive Kardashian celebrity twerking sleaze, the downward spiral of the floundering classes into pizza and Pepsi induced obesity, methedrine psychosis, and tattooed savagery, and the thick patina of public relations dishonesty that coats all of it like some toxic bacterial overgrowth.
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