Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's a Go

It was pretty much all good news this morning. First, I really liked the doc. His name is Lyle Toal, a good ole Oklahoma boy, bigger around than I am. He made everything real clear and conveyed the distinct nothing-to-worry-about air. I'll just give you the outline of it: the aneurism of first concern is smaller than the initial estimate of size. Doctor said he would not even operate on it, but would rather keep his eye on it. But they found another aneurism, lower down in a smaller artery that needs fixing "early" to save the artery from possible loss if we waited till later. This one is what concerns the doc.
So we've got a date for the operation that will fix both these aneurisms: January 23 at nine in the a.m., about a month away. It will take about three hours, and I'll be in the hospital overnight, that's all.

Susan is just overjoyed. She has been real worried. Not to mention the fact that now we're going to get to travel to Louisiana as planned originally for the holidays.

And I have to confess, I'm feeling better about the whole thing myself.
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