Monday, July 29, 2013

On the Road Again Soon

We're getting ready to hit the road again . . . to Tampa to see our boys, and then again in September we'll be in Colorado where I'll preside at the wedding of my niece Lindsey. Seems like we just got back from Oregon, although it's been a week. Of course, I'm anxious and excited to see my sons--how I wish they were closer--but I must be getting old. When Susan and I got back last Monday, we each slept over 12 hours that night. This is really unusual for me. These trips just seem to take more out of us. Aging ain't to blame for everything, but it's playing a larger role, I fear.

Speaking of which my friend Cecil had a bout with kidney stones last week. He passed it pretty quickly but told me it was excruciating. I know. My son Stu has had a couple of bouts with them, and testifies to their ferocious pain. Bless him, the guy needs to have this physical stuff leave him alone. There's time enough for that . . .
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