Saturday, July 13, 2013


Here it is six whole days since my last post, and I'm wondering just what happened to the week. I look back on it, and for my life cannot discern anything all that earth-shattering. Just where does time flee to? I can say this: three days of the past week were taken up with in-house guests. Three of Susan's sisters can to visit us, two from Baton Rouge and one who lives in Houston. This occasioned a couple of nights in a row that we got to see our daughter and her family also.

I've been scurrying about for a couple of days trying to line up a dog-sitter to watch Prozac the Boston terrier when Susan and I take off next week for Oregon. Looking forward to that trip with Susan. I've never been there, although I was to Seattle a few times.

The George Zimmerman verdict is in, which is what I really wanted to comment on. The six-woman jury found him innocent. Of any wrongdoing whatever. Susan says she's not surprised, and she watched practically the whole trial. To tell you the truth I am surprised. I didn't think the state would be able to prove second-degree murder, but I thought the lesser-included charge of manslaughter was not only possible but probable. To me, there would not have been any question. I would have never qualified for the jury. Yahoo with a 9 mm. tracking a black kid at night, getting out of the car he's been following him in. Then the black kid ends up with a bullet through the heart. And this guy is let go pleading self-defense. Please.

To me, a southerner, brought up in the South, schooled in the South, there's only one way of understanding this. Jury in a southern state frees white guy who killed a black guy . . . what else is new?
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