Monday, May 13, 2013

What Do You Think They Should Do to This Guy?

You know the guy I mean. The guy who kidnaps three girls, two of them teenagers at the time, the other like 20 years old, and keeps them for ten years as sex slaves locked up in his house in the middle of Cleveland, Ohio. His name is Ariel Castro. He rapes them repeatedly. Subjects them to beatings. Chains them up. Starves them and  beats 'em in the belly when he impregnates them so they will miscarry the child. (Doesn't succeed in one case because there is a little six-year-old girl that was born into this hellish nightmare.) They are allowed to leave the house maybe twice in all that time . . . to go into the yard and garage.

Ten years of these women's lives, their entire formative years in the case of two of them. It's just beggars the imagination. I'm a pacifist, trying my best to live the kind of life that Jesus did. I cannot suborn torturing or executing this monster, but these are the kinds of cases that severely test my Christian resolve. You just don't think--or rather, mainly feel--that somebody like this should escape some of the punishment he inflicted on these innocent girls. It not what we think he deserves.

There are not many people anywhere who would agree with me on this.
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